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Drabbles and Dribbles

Staying Sane in a Crazy World

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Jensen Ackles

Can you help a girl out?

So I finally got a paid account!!!  I am in desperate need of help!!!  Can someone let me know the basics of setting up my page.  No more ads, I can make my own banner.  I'm so excited, but I just need a little guidance.  I want a Supernatural centric  with a little dash of Harry Potter (very little).I want to put in the SPN or HP mood theme too.Thanks so much for all your help!!!! 

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I got one too - but have no idea bout all the perks etc. So I cant be of any help - but Id love to know what others think :)

Good Luck!

oh check out causette - she has an AWESOME SPN mood theme.

Hi! If you're still interested in participating in the Postcard Exchange, plz to be emailing me your addy! \o/

Thank you. :)

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