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Drabbles and Dribbles

Staying Sane in a Crazy World

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Few Good Men

This Was the Bset Week Ever!!!

Why... do you say??!  Well firstly I got my computer up and running.  Dell finally mailed me a new hard drive so I installed it.  But the bad news it looks like I have lost  ALL MY FILES!!!!

My entire iTunes account that had SPN Season 2 and the wonderful SPN fan mixes I downloaded and all the videos and all my Jensen, Jared, Sam, Dean, Harry Potter pics, icons and wallpapers.  So if anyone can direct of where I can find videos etc.  Please let me know.  

But it's okay because Jensen is doing his play.  Even though I won't see it (believe me I so wanted to go!) I was just so happy with all the comms and my f-listers showing there stories and pics.

The best part of this week----My beloved hockey team The Ducks won the Stanley Cup!!!! I am still in so much shock and can't tell you.  

Then I wake up on Thursday (my birthday) to find that Jared went to see Jensen in AFGM.  Then to find out Friday that Jensen called Jared during intermission!!!  OMG was that not the best!! All the great things Jared said to him.  How he suprised him---it just made me all soft and mushy inseide.   Mmmmm   do I really have to wait three more months til SPN 3. 

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