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Drabbles and Dribbles

Staying Sane in a Crazy World

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Happy Mother's day

Happy Mother's day to everyone!!

I just spent the day with my kids and mom.  But when my hubby came home from work he had presents!!!  A Pirates of the Carribean movie poster, a Pirate Princess watch ( are you sensing a theme) and chocolates.  I mimosas and ate strawberries.  Too bad Mother's day is only once a year.

Oh you guys who went to Asylum.....  I am soo jealous you got to see Jensen.  Thanks to so many of you who  put up your photos. What about the crazy fan who jumped him....is that just insane.  I mean yeah I have dreams of jumping him and Jensen telling me we should run away together but seriously I keep that all in my head.  I'm glad he was okay.  Did he really mention  *wincest*?  That's awesome!!  I Love that Jared calls him J-dog!!  

   Did I read right somewhere that there is going to be another?  When?  Hey does anyone know about the Wichestercon that is going to be in LA?    

So as i sit patiently and wait fir Thrusday *tapping fingers*  I just can't wait!!!


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