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Drabbles and Dribbles

Staying Sane in a Crazy World

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Jensen Ackles

I Just Saw Jensen at Jimmy Kimmel!!!!

So first let's mention ---his time was really really short. It should have been all Jensen because let's face it Rosie Perez just sucked!! But it was cool he came out with Evanesence so we got so see him again. And yes he looked sooooooo yummy in that suit! Can I mention that he is really tall ( I guess he just looks short next to Jared)

But I meet some really cool LJ SPN fans and it was great to talk to you guys. It was great to just talk about this awesome fandom with other people who are so crazy about it just like me. If you were there just tag me and let me know. Maybe I talked to you. But this was just the best night!!!

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*green with jealousy*

You lucky duck you! I live on the East Coast but if I would have known there was an extra ticket to see Jensen floating around, would have walked my way over to LA :)

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