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Drabbles and Dribbles

Staying Sane in a Crazy World

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(no subject)

So hey everyone and another week of no Supernatural----AAAAHHHHHH!!!

But hey I have supplemented myself with the season 1 DVD and my I-tunes account for season 2.  And of course all the wonderful fan fanction.  
I know someone posted season 2, season finale spoilers and I am soooooooo  tempted to look but I just can't.   It's like leaving a box of Girls Scout cookies out in the middle of the room.  You so want to eat them but know if you do you're just going to lose all the fun.  I know it's not a great analogy but it's the only one I could think of.

Is anyone going to see Jensen at the taping of Jimmy Kimmel Live in LA?  I have two tickets but my best friend punked out on me so now I'm going by myself.  If anyone wants to use it let me know.  The show is March 14th the night before the next new Supernatural.

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They aren't the spoilers for the finale, I don't think, but the ones from before the last one. I'm not even gonna look at the finale ones, because I killed the secret for myself and so it sucked, and I don't wanna do that for the finale.

I know how you feel I ruined BUABS for me because I saw the pics and knew Sam was possessed. If I want to be suprised the rest of the season I just need to not look. But they are ohhh soooo tempting.

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